28 Jul

7 Signs You Might Be Headed for A Quarter-Life Crisis | Jonathan Pokluda

Enjoy this great read from The Porch in Dallas - a millennial ministry partner of Cru. You can visit their website at -- It seems like Generation Y practically invented the term “quarter-life crisis.” While our parents may have gone through a mid-life crisis in their 40s or early 50s, we reach it in our 20s or early 30s. We begin to question what we’re...

22 Jul

It’s Not a Hobby | Jena Viviano

If you’ve read only a couple of my posts or know me at all – you know that I’m a Christian.  That I go to church.  That I use phrases like “faith journey” and “divine intervention”.  That some of my favorite quotes are Bible verses. And that I openly talk about a man named Jesus.  I love to share my faith with others and I’m...

14 Jul

Embracing the Mess | Jessica Gravelle

Last Saturday night, I sat alone on my couch with my head in my hands. “I am such a mess!” I mumbled to myself as I thought about the last 12 hours. It had been a hard day. I had woken up feeling anxious and heavy hearted but could not pinpoint the reason why. I tried to read my Bible, but I couldn’t concentrate. When...

08 Jul

Joy in the Process of Healing | Eric Gravelle

Back in January I shared on this blog about my deep struggle with performance.  I mentioned how growing up I was constantly motivated by the paralyzing fear of being average.  I did not want to let anyone down...especially myself. Over the last 6 months since I wrote that blog, I'm thankful that healing in my soul has been taking place in a significant way.  I've...

30 Jun

The Pipes of My Heart | Suzy Silk

A few months ago some dear friends of ours stayed at our apartment while we were visiting family in Florida. Due to a crazy set of circumstances they had ended up temporarily homeless with their two dogs, toddler, twin babies, and two in-laws all in toe! Since they had nowhere else to go, we offered them our small apartment. Needless to say, our toilet got...

24 Jun

Nicholas Sailer | The things I learned moving to NYC — and the things I learned when I left.

After I graduated from college, I wanted to move out and do something big. Who doesn't? I wanted to be challenged. I wanted something new. I visited New York City for the first time in the fall of my senior year of college. Six months later, the only jobs I applied to were in the city. But New York City companies want to hire people...

17 Jun

What’s Happening in Me as Others Leave the City | David Robbins

I’ve only lived here a year and a half … but it has begun. Friends who have become dear, co-workers I love, best friends of my kids, and leaders that I respect are moving out of the city.  We knew it was coming. Everyone we’ve been learning from has discussed the realities of New York being a transitional city.  A long-time pastor in the city...

09 Jun

Quiet: Hearing God Amidst the Noise | AJ Sherrill

Every moment of every day the most significant reality in the entire universe is the radical availability of God’s Presence. Yet, in almost every moment of every day we remain unaware of this generous gift. One of the ways our Christian ancestors experienced this gift is through contemplation. Contemplation is simply “the practice of stilling ourselves before God, moving ever deeper into the core of...

02 Jun

“Dayenu”: Thankfulness & Hope in the Process | Suzy Silk

One of the famous liturgies read by the Jewish people during Passover is "Dayenu" -- meaning "it would have been sufficient" or "it would have been enough." (It is loosely based on Psalms 113 & 136). During the liturgy, various elements of the Exodus story are retold and after each one the group responds "Dayenu." For example: If The Lord had merely taken us out...

29 May

Agents of Hope in the City | Suzy Silk

This is part of the story of how Hope Gathering came to be. It's only one week away!! Take a moment to register at Our lives are so full of sorrow, disappointment, injustice, pain, and fear. Just including women I count as friends, I know a woman unable to get pregnant, despite her and her husband’s many attempts; an older woman heartbroken after yet another...

27 May

Jerks Need Jesus, Too | Sarah Jane Shanks

When I come across someone who is obviously hurting or in need, it’s pretty easy for me to feel compassion.  Even if I don’t know how to help, at the very least, my heart is soft toward them.  I can “be the hands and feet of Jesus” to tender-hearted people who are aware of their own brokenness.  But not jerks.  Jerks, I try to avoid....

20 May

A Different Way to Live

“What would the church look like if the members chose to buy homes in the same neighborhoods or subdivisions, lived in the same apartment buildings or blocks, and sent their children to the same schools? What would love look like if it showed up dozens of times a week in small but profound ways: meals cooked, prayers prayed, songs sung, Scripture studied, games played, parties...

13 May

Brokenness that Leads to Life | David Robbins

This past winter was the real deal. Even my native New York friends who have lived here their whole lives have convinced me it’s one of the worst they have experienced. It was during a stretch of days two months ago when the temperature did not rise above a frigid 15 degrees, that I overheard a friend say, “I can only imagine the life that...

06 May

Agents of Hope | Suzy Silk

Our lives and our city are often full of sorrow, disappointment, injustice, pain, and fear. I can think of so many examples of women (and men) I know who are wrestling with hope. A woman unable to get pregnant, despite her and her husband’s many attempts. A woman heart-broken from yet another break-up. A wife trying to walk alongside her mentally-ill husband. A student filled...

29 Apr

Legacy: Leaving a Lasting Impact | Eric Gravelle

I absolutely love living in New York City.  But this city can be a LOT to handle.  When I was working in international sales,  I had the privilege of traveling all over the world.  There is an intensity in New York that is unmatched.  The rapid pace of life draws you in.  I'm captivated by the focus and drive that so many have.  When the...

21 Apr

The Illusion of Control | Carrie Walker

You are not in control. Nor am I. At this very moment, I am entrusting my life to skilled pilots flying a Southwest plane from The Big Apple to Nashville.  Those at the helm could be overcome with a moment of insanity and minutes later I could be meeting my maker. As I fly I murmur prayers for a dear friend from college whose brain...