15 Apr

Cultural Currents of Contested Space | David Robbins

My interior world is so screwed up. New York is a raw yet beautiful place for me to live because I see what is in the hidden crevices of my soul with more clarity...And more often. Um, yeah, “beautiful.” I’m not falling off the proverbial wagon with any deep dark sin, but the reality is that there is sin being realized that can be fertile...

08 Apr

The Productivity of Prayer | Sarah Jane Shanks

"Well…all we can do is pray." I'll confess that I've said it a lot.  And I heard it just last week.  It’s usually accompanied by a smirk or a sigh or a shoulder shrug.The commonality of this phrase reveals my attitude toward prayer. It suggests that God is my back-up plan. Let's exhaust all our strength and resources, then see if God is able to do anything. "Well…all we can do is pray." We live in...

01 Apr

Sabbath of the Soul | Amelie Sherry

Lately, I have been feeling extremely tired, endlessly invaded by a variety of cold symptoms. This tiredness is not a general body fatigue (though that is there), but a deep, unsettling exhaustion from every front of my life: work, living in NYC, relationships, exercising, eating, adventures, fun, weather, you name it! I feel confused because I strategically set up rhythms of rest and balance in...

01 Apr

My Story: Sarah Jane | Unleashed into Calling

  In Romans 15:20, Paul reveals his life goal: to spread the gospel to those who have not yet heard.  He uses the word philotimeomai. It means “to love or seek after honor, or “strive eagerly, desire very strongly.” We call this ambition.  Below is my story of re-routed ambition, authored by a merciful God who persistently rescues me from my selfish dreams of fame and glory....

24 Mar

From Shame to Acceptance | Suzy Silk

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to watch and discuss Brene Brown's second TED talk with my small group. It was a beautiful evening of beginning the slow process of learning to move from shame to acceptance, from posturing and hiding to vulnerability. I am so thankful for these men and women who daily accept me despite my sin, arrogance, and short-comings. The Body of Christ truly...

18 Mar

How are you doing? I’m busy! | Eric Gravelle

I recently decided to take a little day trip outside of the city.  On Saturday morning this past weekend I jumped on the Metro North Railroad and headed up to Cold Spring, New York.  Cold Spring is a small little village of about 5,000 people in Putnam County on the banks of the Hudson River.  Cold Spring reminds me a lot of my small hometown...

11 Mar

Vulnerability & The City | Erica Heffner

“When a man is getting better he understands more and more clearly the evil that is still left in him.” C.S. Lewis A few months ago I was meeting with a mentor of mine here in the city and she asked me how I wanted to grow this year. I thought for a moment and told her I wanted to see God reveal and refine...

03 Mar

An Aching Heart & The Compassion That Never Fails // Meg Robbins

Two weeks ago, David, our 3 kids, and I boarded a plane, waited for it to be de-iced (twice!), barreled down a snow-covered runway and left New York behind for sunny California for a rich week with my sister and her family! It was a gift that our family needed far more than I even realized.  As I think about our week visiting the Boardwalk,...

24 Feb

When You Can’t Get It Together | Carrie Walker

The 7 train was taking forever! Every fiber of my being wanted to blame the MTA for my anticipated tardy church entrance. Blaming the MTA created a temporary shield from the pummeling of myself for never “getting it together.” I have operated with 24 hour a day cycles for 48 years now. How can I not seem to manage my time? The internal murmurings of...

14 Feb

Ordinary Intentionality: Public Spaces | David Robbins

Recently, we gathered 50 millennials living in New York City to explore the desires and dreams God has already placed in our hearts. In the room were difference makers from different boroughs, different churches, different vocations, and different backgrounds. The possibilities of that room’s current and future influence are exponential. But as mentioned last week (Part 1), when our desires to make a Kingdom difference...

10 Feb

Ordinary Intentionality, Part 1 | David Robbins

“The most ground-breaking missional excavating is in the unattractive details of our rhythmic ongoing lives.”  - Dan White Jr. Ever since I was a little kid, I have dreamed about making a significant difference in the world. Sure, many times it has (and still does) come out selfish and sideways. But something keeps drawing me back to the desire in a place that seems right and...

04 Feb

Redeeming Your Daily Commute | Suzy Silk

A friend of mine used to work in NYC among one of the people groups in our city who are the most closed to the gospel. And yet, in his five years here, Mark saw on average one person come to faith in Jesus every month. When I asked him the key to his fruitfulness, he replied: "I have an hour commute to and from work every...

28 Jan

Resting in the Performance of Another | Eric Gravelle

I was getting ready for bed one evening last week and suddenly felt an intense desire to spend some time in prayer.  I wish I could say that my prayer life is consistently strong and that this happens often.  Unfortunately, that is not the case all the time.  I walked into the living room and began to spend some time in thought and prayer.  God....what are...

21 Jan

The Necessity of Re-knowing | Sarah Jane Shanks

I don't like to hear things I already know.  At least, I think I know them. When I hear something I’ve heard before, my know-it-all self interrupts, waving her hand, saying, "Yeah, yeah. I know, I know” …as if I’m tired of hearing it or it will waste my time to listen again. It happens when my boss repeats instructions, when my dad re-tells great stories, when a voice coach corrects me...

14 Jan

Mmm yeah, about those Resolutions … Be who you are! | Bekah Stewart

Starting a new year can be such a gift. Making new resolutions creates a fresh opportunity to dream and hope for all that this next year will be. We all know how important setting goals and creating vision are to actually see a preferred future realized. As one year ends, we might be feeling some regret or desire for things to be different. It can be tempting to...

06 Jan

Wired: A Few Thoughts on Living Social | Josiah Mackenzie

About our Guest Blogger: Josiah is a 27-year-old San Francisco transplant, working at a tech startup in the hospitality industry and 3 years into his New York adventure. Big fan of good story telling and great coffee. Since nobody agrees on how to turn Tumblr into a verb, you can see his tumbles at     On March 10, I left Facebook. 9 months later, I returned. But in...